Chinese squads will attend PUBG Nations Cup 2022 online

The developers of PUBG: BATTLEGROUDNS have confirmed the rumor that the Chinese squads will not be able to arrive at the venue of the upcoming PUBG Nations Cup 2022 International Championship. Teams will perform at the tournament remotely. According to an official statement from PUBG Esports, this decision was made due to the quarantine in China caused by an outbreak of coronavirus.

To minimize the ping to Bangkok, representatives from the Celestial Empire moved to the city of Guangzhou in southern China. Based on the results of test games developers have determined that the Chinese team will perform with an average ping 40-60 (all other participants' ping will be around 20-40 mark).

All members of the Chinese team will be in one place. A judge and other observers would be around. The equipment that the players from the Celestial Empire will receive will be identical to the computers at the PNC 2022 venue.

PUBG Nations Cup 2022 will be held June 16-19 in Bangkok, Thailand. The total prize pool of the tournament will be half a million dollars + crowdfunding.