PlayerIGN: "PUBG showed up at my front door"

PlayerIGN, a well-known insider and dataminer in the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS community, has tweeted that KRAFTON is demanding that he remove all information related to leaks concerning PUBG and other company products.

A private investigator was just outside my house just now handing me a letter re: KRAFTON having me take down all my social media posts of leaks, provide a full accounting of how much revenue I made, and provide all DM's of how I got said infos.

For context here are my current thoughts:
• The leaks I get aren't me actively seeking out their people/systems for info, but mostly vice versa.
• The datamines I get of their skins, are from a website that gets updated early right before Test Server goes up. It's html. I [right-click > save] the images.
• I don't really know what to do right now. I just want to get some help before I make moves.