NaVi take the lead after GLL S5 day two

Natus Vincere squad managed to finish at the top of the scoreboards as the result of the second day at GLL S5. The runner-up is another team from the CIS region, EXhalatioN, which is only six points behind NAVI. BBL Esports round up the top-3 with eighty-seven points in their asset.

Northern Lights Team, Liquid, and Heroic retain their chances to fight for the medals still, but they will have to display an incredible performance on the last day of the event as their gap from the leaders is pretty significant.

Standings after day 2 GLL Season 5

G-Loot PUBG Season 5 Grand Finals takes place April 1-3. The best twelve teams will receive their share of a total prize pool of $50,000, and all teams will also receive qualification points for PGC 2022 based on their final standings.