PCS6 Americas NA Open Qualifier Recap

The first stage of the PUBG Continental Series 6 (PCS6) Americas has wrapped an epic 6 days of matches. It began with 60 teams and is now down to a final 8 who will go on to the Regional Playoff to compete against the 16 invited teams who dominated in the ESL PUBG Masters Americas 2022 Phase 1. Let’s take a look at the journey these 8 teams took to get here.

Open Qualifiers Round 1

The first round of open qualifiers began with 60 teams divided into 4 groups with the top 8 of each group moving onto Round 2. The top teams for each group were Dynamic, 303 Esports, What It Takes, and Luck Equation.

Luck Equation scored the most points overall with 147 points and a whopping 100 kills, the only team so far in the Open Qualifiers to do so. An impressive feat that had them pegged as early favorites heading into Round 2.

Open Qualifiers Round 2

With only 1 day of rest, the teams returned for another grueling competition, as they knew only half of them would move on to Round 3. In Round 2, the teams are divided into two groups with the top 8 of each moving onto Round 3.

The top 2 teams from each group in Round 2 were 303 Esports, Dreamchasers, Wildcard Gaming, and Black Mambas. Though total points were fairly close amongst the top teams, Wildcard Gaming had a commanding lead in kills with a whopping 93 kills, which was over 30 kills more than the next highest. 

Open Qualifiers Round 3

The final round of the Open Qualifiers brought the 16 fiercest competitors face-to-face. This time there was only one grouping for all the competitors. 4 Funners took a commanding lead at the end of Day 1 with an astounding 56 Kills and 96 Total Points.

They continued their lead on Day 2 adding 29 more kills and solidifying their place at the top spot. Wildcard Gaming had a spectacular day with 43 Kills and jumping from 7th to 3rd. No teams could be as happy as Adrenaline and Tilt Town who fought their way into the top 8 and secured their spots in the Regional Playoff.

What’s Next?

Teams 4 Funners, Dynamic, Wildcard Gaming, Train to Go, Tilt Town, Adrenaline, Drgn Gaming, and Sno Patrol will now head to the PCS6 North America Regional Playoff where they will compete for their share of the $25,000 Prize Pool. From there, the top 6 not only take home prize money they also move on to the Grand Final.  The next 8 teams (7th to 14th place) move onto the Last Chance Qualifier, which takes place on March 26-27, along with 8 teams from the LATAM Regional Playoff.  

PCS6 North America Regional Playoffs begins 3 days of epic matches starting tomorrow Friday, March 18, 2022, at 4 PM PDT.