PUBG Epic Fails Contest - Winner Announcement

PUBG: Battlegrounds developers have published the results of Epic Fails Contest.

Hello Survivors!

Thank you all for participating in the PUBG Epic Fails Contest. Tons of Survivors have shared some of their best reckless and beautiful moments on the battlegrounds. 

Now is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. We are proud to announce the prizes and winners!

Prizes and How to Claim Them

  • 20,000 G-Coin and Survivor Pass (Update 16.2)
    • Claiming the prize: Rewards will be delivered to the inventory of the in-game nickname used to participate in the event.
    • Schedule
      • PC(Steam, KAKAO): After the Update 16.2 Live Server update on March 16, 2022 KST. 
      • Console(PlayStaion®, Xbox, Stadia): After the Update 16.2 Live Server update on March 24, 2022 KST. 
    • G-Coin is valid for 30 days from the date of distribution.
  • Trophy
    • Claiming the prize: We will contact the winners via participated Social Media channels in March 2022. 
    • Please make sure you respond to our contact and send us your address to receive the prize. 
    • Delivery schedule: Shipping will begin in April 2022. 
    • Additional charges such as customs duties and taxes may incur.


  • We may collect and request additional personal information to identify and ship prizes to winners.
  • Videos selected as winners can be used as content on the official channels of KRAFTON and PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. For this purpose, you may be asked to share the original video file separately.
  • If the video is not your own, the award can be canceled. 
  • All entries with changed in-game nicknames since participating the event will be excluded from the list of winners.

List of Winners 

In-game Nickname Social Channel Account Social Channel
59oo** 爱坤坤** Weibo
Sma_** Ismaeel_W** Xiaoheihe
cadola-bo** 糖** BiliBili
Gu_hui_** 盒** Xiaoheihe
Rog_App** 我们会有猫** Xiaoheihe
Emoji_** 27_gwa** Instagram
UNYAZAN** leeunyeong** Instagram
Lebrill**** Instagram
SASIK_K** sasik_game_** Instagram
NotYuEf** YuEf** Twitter
GabyRocke** gabilinc** Twitter
Licky** carlolica** Twitter
Dea1h_G** Alex Khy** VK
pickupe** 235852** VK
FB Beardedl** BeardedL** Facebook
Merrywxth** DylanLS** Twitter
TWtv_strat** str4t** Instagram
Alexio**  alex_trejo_g** Twitter
Marvie_Rican** MTab** Facebook
Nuyama** Nuy.Gam** Facebook
touy** touyou_08** Twitter
TwinKooO** 鹿* Discord