Finnish eSports organization ENCE has announced a replacement in its PUBG: Battlegrounds roster. Daniel "D1gg3r1" Luusua has left the team, and Joona "NOOKIE" Närvänen has taken his place.

D1gg3r1 represented ENCE since December 2019. Since that time ENCE has played with an unchanged lineup. Throughout his career as a professional PUBG player, he has earned about $75,000 in prize money. The Finnish eSports athlete will continue his career in FaZe Clan.

NOOKIE's last team was SKADE, which he left last December. Before that, he played for Saunabois, CrowCrowd, Winstrike Team.

ENCE finished ninth at the PUBG Global Championship 2021 in South Korea and was awarded $101,000 in prize money. ENCE is one of the partners of PUBG Esports in 2022.

Renewed ENCE

  • Финляндия, Finland, FI Miro "Rustanmar" Ruotsi
  • Финляндия, Finland, FI Saku "SKUIJKE" Sajakoski
  • Финляндия, Finland, FI Olli "Tiikzu" Saarikoski
  • Финляндия, Finland, FI Joona "NOOKIE" Närvänen

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