Heroic retained the lead after the second day of PGC 2021 grand finals

The second game day of PUBG Global Championship 2021 Grand Final is over. According to the results of the past five matches, Heroic has retained the leading position in the standings. The Chinese team NewHappy is in the top 2, and Petrichor Road climbed into the top 3. Virtus.pro is still in fifth place in the rankings, and NAVI has gained one point in the table and is now in ninth place.

Tomorrow, the participants will play their final five matches. Remember that Team Unique, FaZe Clan, BBL Esports and many other teams will not be participating in the PGC 2021 Grand Final.

PUBG Global Championship 2021 takes place from November 19 to December 19 in Incheon, South Korea. 32 teams are participating in the tournament - they will share the $2 million base prize pool between them. In addition, 30% of revenues from the sale of PGC in-game skins will go into the prize pool of the competition.

Источник: twitter.com