WackyJacky101: "We need major innovations to PUBG"

Well-known to PUBG community streamer and content maker WackyJacky101 spoke out about the current state of PUBG: Battlegrounds. WackyJacky101 believes that the game lacks innovations, and developers waste resources on various unimportant little things.

I think you need to change your approach to updating and adding to the game As much as gimmicks and gadgets can be fun and add a situational change to the game it is never enough to renew players interest We need major innovations to PUBG in order for the game to stay relevant

The queues are still dying more and more and playercount is dropping. This is not because the core game is bad because it is intact insanely good - this is because of the lack of innovation in gameplay. Skins and gadgets isn't innovative enough

 PUBG: Battlegrounds may feature a grenade launcher that will shoot 40mm smoke grenades. One of the game developers hinted at this in unofficial dev Twitter account.