T1 dismissed PUBG squad

South Korean eSports organization T1 has announced the decision to dismiss its PUBG: Battlegrounds lineup. The team did not participate in the fifth season of the PUBG Continental Series and did not make it to the PUBG Global Championship 2021.

T1 opened a PUBG division in 2018. Over the years, the team has earned over two hundred thousand dollars in prize money in the discipline. It is unknown if the club plans to return to PUBG: Battlegrounds in the future.

Former T1 squad:

  • Корея, Korea Yoo "Aqua5" Sang-ho
  • Корея, Korea Kim "Daengchae" Do-Hyun
  • Корея, Korea Jeong "Hulk" Lak-kwon
  • Корея, Korea Jang "Hwan2da" Hwan
  • Корея, Korea Jung "kAyle" Soo-yong
  • Корея, Korea Jang "Seok" Min-seok (coach)