PUBG to be banned in China

PUBG: Battlegrounds could be banned in China. This was reported by dataminer PlayerIGN, citing his own sources. Thus, PUBG has already been removed/censored on the major streaming platforms in the People's Republic of China: on Penguin Esports (a platform owned by Tencent) PUBG section was removed at all, and on DouYu and Huya game was renamed to "Chicken Game" and "Daily Chicken Dinner" respectively.

Not only players and viewers, but also streamers, eSports athletes, as well as third-party companies associated with the title may be affected by these changes. According to some sources, the National Press and Publications Authority (NPPA) will soon ban any PUBG-related competitions and events in the country, including PCL, a major PUBG franchise league from Tencent.

It is reported that some partners of the game (such as MOZZ, whose skins were added to the game in July this year) are already leaving PUBG for other games.

All these restrictions are because PUBG: Battlegrounds is not officially approved by the authorities in China, but all this time, users from the country were able to play PUBG through the international client Steam (without VPN).