Special Drops - Rabbits on the Moon

Hello Survivors!

Let’s take a break from running around the Battlegrounds and stop for a brief moment to imagine ourselves floating through space, gazing dreamily at the moon… in a bunny costume?!

PUBG is back with another Special Drops Event: Rabbits on the Moon! You know the drill; clear daily missions and take home your valuable prizes such as the B.A.S.A. (Bunny Aeronautics and Space Administration) set along with several Contraband Coupons.

Let’s dive – er – hop right in!

Event Mission

Clear the following daily missions during the event period to collect and exchange points for your desired rewards.

Mission Points
Travel 600m in total with parachute. 40
Loot 1 Helmet (Lv.2). 30
Loot 1 Backpack (Lv.2). 30

Event Schedule

The Rabbits on the Moon! event will last for 11 days on both PC and Console platforms.

  • PC & Console
    • PDT: September 16, 0 AM – September 26, 0 AM
    • CEST: September 16, 9 AM – September 26, 9 AM
    • KST: September 16, 4 PM – September 26, 4 PM 

Event Rewards

You can exchange the points you have acquired through missions for these rewards shown below.

Point 450 350 200 100 100
Item B.A.S.A. Casual Hoodie B.A.S.A. Casual Shorts Contraband Coupon x5 Contraband Coupon x2 Contraband Coupon x2

Now let’s return to the Battlegrounds with bouncy footsteps!
We hope you have fun.

PUBG: Battlegrounds Team


Where do I find the Event Page?

  • Access the event page by clicking the Care Package icon at the top right corner of the main lobby screen.
  • Push notifications are also sent via the notification center. 

Event Points

  • Points acquired from each event will expire once the event period ends.
  • Don’t forget to use up all your points prior to the event’s end!