PUBG GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2021 will take place in South Korea

The developers of PUBG: Battlegrounds officially announced the main event of 2021 - PUBG Global Championship 2021. It will take place in Incheon (South Korea).

Hello PUBG Esports fans,

The year 2021 was another tough one due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but we’ve done our best to continue PUBG Esports globally by hosting PGI.S and 2 PUBG Continental Series events. We are now announcing the return of our beloved finale of PUBG Esports, the PUBG Global Championship 2021.

PGC 2021

The PUBG Global Championship (PGC 2021) will be held this upcoming November. Like PGI.S earlier this year, PGC 2021 will be a LAN/Online hybrid tournament. Teams from outside of the tournament region will be invited to fly to Paradise City in Incheon, Korea.

Running from November 19th to December 19th, 32 of the finest teams from around the globe will be competing for a prize pool of over $2 Million USD. Again, PGC will have 30% of the profit earned from PGC items sales added directly to the prize pool so that teams will benefit from the fans’ support.

12 Teams from Asia, 8 teams from Europe, 6 teams from APAC, and 6 teams from the Americas region will be invited. The exact list of participating teams will be determined based on PGC Qualification Points gathered throughout the year once PCS5 concludes.

Tournament Format

PGC 2021 will consist of a 5-week long tournament including 1 week of Rank Decision, 3 weeks of Weekly League, and a Grand Final during the last week.

Rank Decision

  • - Preliminary Rank Decision matches will take place during the very first week to decide which 16 teams will start in the first Weekly Survival.

Weekly Survival

  • - 16 Weekly Survival matches will be played over 3 days during the week. Teams must win a Chicken Dinner to advance to the Weekly Finals.
  • - The remaining 15 teams from each lobby will be joined by the next team in line from the Bottom 16 waiting list.

Weekly Final

A total of 10 matches will be played over two days, and the best team will automatically earn a spot in the Grand Final.

  • - The winning team from each Weekly Final (3 teams total) will earn a spot in the Grand Final
  • - The top 9 teams with highest points accumulated across all 3 weeks of Weekly Finals will also advance to the Grand Final
  • - The remaining teams that did not advance to the Grand Final will participate in the Grand Survival. Teams who win a Chicken Dinner in each of the 4 matches in the Grand Survival will fill the remaining Grand Final spots.

Grand Final

  • - The 16 qualified teams will compete in a 15-match tournament over 3 days.
  • - The Grand Final standings based on SUPER Point Rule will determine the Grand Champion of PGC 2021.

The Scoring System

PUBG Esports announced the adoption of a new scoring method with the MC Rule back in April which was applied to PCS4 and PCS5.

We sought to add more fun and excitement to the tournament and to promote the core identity of the Battle Royale genre, Survival. However, the rule change caused some unintended side effects. Matches became more monotonous, and teams suffered from the excess pressure to earn Chicken Dinners.

After collecting feedback from fans and through a deep discussions with PUBG teams around the world, we've made the following decision regarding the PUBG Esports scoring system.

We humbly welcome and appreciate feedback from the fans and teams.

PUBG Esports will readapt the SUPER Point Rule starting with PGC 2021.

  • - As an exception, the Weekly Survival matches will feature WWCD format and not use SUPER Point Rule.
  • - All other matches will use the SUPER Point Rule and consider both placement points and kill points.
  • - The final rankings will be decided by SUPER Point Rule using both placement points and kill points.

The PUBG Esports team truly believes that it is most important to provide fun and exciting matches to the fans while providing a competitive, but also enjoyable, environment to the participating players. We will continue to accept and evaluate your feedback.

More details on PGC 2021 will be announced after PCS5.

PUBG Esports Team.