Showdown on Taego For LifePack

KRAFTON announced the Taego Charity Showdown online tournament, which will feature items giveaway via Twitch Drops. You could receive 10 contraband coupons (30 minutes on stream) and a Blackpink Head Mic (60 minutes) for watching the event on the official PUBG: Battlegrounds channel on Twitch. All the details are provided in the official announcement below.

 Mark your calendars for September 10 because come 4PM PDT, the Taego Charity Showdown will commence on our official Twitch Channel! This one-day competition will see top PUBG content creators and PUBG Esports pros battle it out as they raise awareness and donations for LifePack.

Our PUBG Change for Good initiative is at it again with another great cause and an action-packed tournament to raise some much-needed funds for malnourished children. LifePack is an innovative new initiative dedicated to deploying Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) packets to children. Across the globe, malnutrition is the number one cause of death in children – and the pandemic has only made the situation worse. There is no better time than now for PUBG and LifePack to join forces and tackle these issues head on. All the funds raised go to the cause: Every 25 cents raised through LifePack will provide one RUTF packet to a child in need.

Watch and Earn

Starting Sept. 10 at 4 PM PDT, tune in live to the Taego Charity Showdown to earn PUBG Twitch drops for PC and consoles! Here’s how you can earn your loot:

1.   Login or create your PUBG Global Account, link your platform and Twitch account.2.   Watch for 30 minutes to earn x10 Contraband Coupons.

3.   Claim your reward on Twitch ( to unlock in PUBG.

4.   Once claimed, watch for an additional 30 minutes, and claim the BLACKPINK Head Mic.

Donate and Help Save Lives

You don’t have to wait for the tournament to support this worthy cause. You can make a direct donation on their official DONATION PORTAL. All proceeds generated for LifePack will go directly to providing life-saving treatment. All it takes is three packets a day for six-to-eight weeks to bring a child back from the brink of death.

The Participants

Let’s take a look at some of our content creators and esports pros who are showing up for a good cause. There’ll be plenty more showing up as we get closer to the event!

  • PUBG Partners / Content Creators
    • Taryn
    • Notthatwillsmith
    • KatContii
    • JowyBear
    •  Ippaku
    • Play
    • Rollipollipotamus
    • Eilsna
    • WhoBuiltTheArk
    • Klov3r
    • Ubiera
    • Savcy
    • C_Dome
    • SpanCargo
    • Jmoneygaming
    • MaccaBoi
    • akaYazi
    • Mlegames
    • Bluesane
    • Nofxious
    • Beertooth_
    • ScotchDoc
    • TheLarkShark
    • MistakenZombie
    • Cali_Ness
    • EpicFrenzy
    • Johnlonnie
    • 303 Apples
  • PUBG Esports Professionals
    • Shrimzy (Soniqs)
    • Hwinn (Soniqs)
    • Baddylul (Gravity)
    • SneakAttackOfficial (Eternity)