BLACKPINK event has started in PUBG

A new event has started in PUBG: Battlegrounds in honor of the collaboration with the South Korean music band Blackpink. During this event, players should complete certain missions (survive for 15 minutes, reach the top 10 in the match, etc.) and get points for it, which could be later exchanged for rewards.

BLACKPINK Special Drops Event


Title Mission Description Points
Parachute Parachute 600m in total. 20
Survive 15 minutes Survive 15 minutes in a single match. Survival time includes time spent spectating your teammates.  25
Heal up Heal 250 total health. 25
Top 10 Reach Top 10. 30


Points 700 600 200 200
Item BLACKPINK – Helmet (Level 3) BLACKPINK Backpack (Level 3) Contraband Coupon x10  Contraband Coupon x10 

In addition, more events are to come where real BLACKPINK LV.3 helmets and autographed CDs will be given away, so don’t miss out!