Qwizzy: "I would bring back the trading system and give people the ability to create custom maps and scenarios"

Natus Vincere player Andrey "Qwizzy" Pobedinsky summed up his team's performance at ESL PUBG Masters 2021 Europe Summer, shared his opinion on the PUBG: Battlegrounds esports scene, and also told what changes he would make to PUBG in an interview published on the official website of the Ukrainian eSports organization.

The first thing we'd like to point out is the ESL PUBG Masters 2021 Europe Summer, where the team took fourth place. You performed well in the first week of the Grand Final, but not well enough in the second. What went wrong?

It's hard to say exactly what went wrong. The second week was really quite difficult for us, especially the first game day. The circles were hard for our spot, but even so, we didn't make enough kills.

After the tournament, we worked out the aspects we need to pay attention to prior to PCS5 — we'll see the result at the tournament.

If we talk in general about the preparation, what is lacking right now for the team to take first place in a major tournament?

It's hard for me to point something out. Most of the time it's some little thing that we can forget during the game. But it's the one thing that can cost us the tournament.

You have PUBG Continental Series 5 ahead of you. Do you think that after this championship you will be able to secure a spot at PUBG Global Championship 2021?

Yes, because this is the last and most important tournament before the PGC.

Share your opinion on the PUBG esports scene. Do you like this format? What changes does it need?

Overall, I like the format. All teams play to the end, each has a chance to win the tournament or the week before the last game. This gives a certain range of emotions. Nevertheless, the format is still raw, certain adjustments should be made.

If you were a PUBG developer, what would you change about the game right now?

I would bring back the trading system and give people the ability to create custom maps and scenarios, just like in CS.

In your opinion, which professional team in PUBG is the strongest at the moment?

ru Virtus.pro — their results speak for themselves.

Are you ready to name the strongest player in PUBG?

I don't think that's possible because my judgment wouldn't be objective. If we are talking about players whose performance amazes me, it's ru xmpl and kr Under.

Since we are on this topic, do you have a hero in esports that you follow or just a player you look up to?

I dedicated a lot of time to CS before I got into PUBG. There are a few players that I still watch to this day. This is ua s1mple and dk dev1ce.

Tell us, on what aspects do you need to work on? And what are your strengths and weaknesses in general?
I think every player needs to pay attention to all aspects of his training in order to be versatile. And my strengths and weaknesses are best learned from my teammates: they can give me a more accurate answer.
You had a chance to participate in the show Chicken Front. Was it an interesting experience? Would you like to do it again?

Yeah, it was a fun experience, I'd love to do something like that again.

You stream quite actively, but only shooters - PUBG and CS:GO. Have you ever considered streaming any other types of games?

As the season goes on, I try to play FPS shooters to keep myself in shape. Otherwise, I'd love to stream some playthroughs.

Share the story of your tattoo. Does it have any particular meaning?
I got a tattoo after I was seriously injured during a match when I was still playing soccer. It serves as a protective charm, a talisman of sorts
What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies?

In my free time, I like to meet up with friends. I like outdoor activities: going out to play football or basketball.

You used to play soccer professionally. How often do you play it recreationally now?

Not as often as I'd like to. Sometimes old acquaintances call me to play for them in amateur leagues if there is an opportunity and time. You could say that football still remains in my life.

What football club do you support? And who is your favorite player?

I've been a Borussia (Dortmund) fan for quite a long time. My favorite player, whom I always looked up to, even when I was playing football myself, is Marko Reuss.

Do you like movies? What movie or TV series has made the biggest impact on you lately?

I watch movies quite often, but I wouldn't say that I can remember a movie that really stuck with me.

Would you like to say a few words to the zz NAVI fans and your followers?

I'd like to say thank you to all the fans for their support, it really means a lot to us.