French ADEPTS have withdrawn from the Battlegrounds

French eSports organization ADEPTS has announced they're stepping back from PUBG. The reason for this decision was unsatisfactory results and lack of stability in the team. In this case, the management of the club does not exclude the possibility of the return of ADEPTS in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in the future.

Adepts was born thanks to PUBG and it's with a heavy heart that we have to step back from the competitive scene, for the moment.

These last months were difficult for our PUBG roster. Despite encouraging results and a qualification to each important event of the European scene, our players could not find the durable stability needed to keep performing at the highest level.

We want to thank everyone who supported us during these last 2 years of PUBG, from the qualification to Pro League in Berlin until today, we experienced 1000 emotions thanks to our players and it has been a good run. This game is pretty special to us, and we will be keeping an eye on what's happening there ?

A great thanks to the players who played under our name!

ADEPTS was founded in January 2020 - at that time it was only represented in PUBG. The club later expanded into the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive discipline. Throughout its existence, ADEPTS players have won about $15,000 in prize money in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Former ADEPTS squad in PUBG

  • Франция, France, FR Martin "Noki" Cornet
  • Франция, France, FR Valentin "Fuhrax" Chambordeon
  • Франция, France, FR Guillaume "Namwer " Legros
  • Бельгия, Belgium, BE Simon "Corsac" Molinghen