& NAVI took the lead after first week at PCS 4 finished first in the PCS 4 standings after the first game week of the tournament. The Bears won two matches and accumulated 94 frags in two days. Natus Vincere finished the first week in the second spot - the team also won two rounds of twelve and made 63 kills. The Russian-Ukrainian team EXhalatioN (Instinct, Salik-, iZooom, Dab00m) rounded out the top three.

FaZe Clan currently occupies 11th place in the rankings, and Team Liquid is in the top four. Digital Athletics with Ivan "Ubah" Kapustin is ranked seventh in the table.

The PUBG Continental Series 4 Europe Grand Final takes place from June 12 to 27 in the WWCD format (wins are important, not points). The total prize pool of the competition is $250,000. The winner of the championship will be the team that collects the most prize money at the end of the three game weeks.