PCS4 Pick'Em Challenge

Hello PUBG Esports fans!

The fourth iteration of the PUBG Continental Series is right around the corner! Get ready, as PCS4 commences June 10th; watch the best teams from across the globe compete to be crowned their region’s best.

The competition will be fierce on and off the Battlegrounds, as we’re back with the Pick’Em Challenge for PCS4. Use your PUBG Esports knowledge to predict winners and win prizes.

Read on for full details on how to participate, watch and show support to your favorite teams!


The PUBG Esports tab has returned! Esports fans, starting from June 2nd for PC and June 10th for Console, check out the Esports Tab to get information on your favorite players and teams, match schedules, tournament stats, and more.

Take a deep dive into key performance indicators from regional qualifiers and find out which teams and players to keep an eye on once the tournament gets underway, and help make your best predictions for the Pick’Em Challenge.


Check out the new PCS4 items available in store.

  • Crash Test AKM & Coupon Bundle + (1 voting coupon)
  • Crash Test Gear Bundle + (1 voting coupon)
  • Crash Test Costume Set + (1 voting coupon)
  • Crash Test Motorbike & Coupon Bundle + (1 voting coupon)
  • Crash Test SKS & Coupon Bundle + (1 voting coupon)
  • Crash Test Emote & Coupon Bundle + (1 voting coupon)
  • Crash Test Value Pack + (5 voting coupon)
  • Crash Test Weapon & Bike Bundle + (3 voting coupon)

* 30% of PUBG net sales of PCS4 items will be distributed to teams across the four regions. Half of it being added to the overall prize pool and the remaining half being distributed equally to the participating teams.

** Pick’Em Challenge is not available for the Console platform. However, all PCS4 items will be available for purchase from the store.

PCS4 items sale period:

  • PC: After maintenance June 2 – June 24, 6 pm KST
    • Console: June 10, 11 am – July 14, 11 am KST
  • Pick’Em Challenge event period:
    • After maintenance June 2 – June 24, 6 pm KST
  • Esports Shop items sale period:
    • After maintenance June 2 – July 14, 11 am KST
  • Pick’Em reward claim period:
    • June 29 – July 14, 11 am KST

Pick’Em Challenge Details

Matches for the PCS4 Pick’Em Challenge begin on June 2nd with Pick’Em entries closing just before the last match of PCS4 on June 24th at 18:00 KST. Don’t forget to participate in all the challenges before it’s too late!

Event 1: Pick the Winner

The first event is very simple: predict who you believe will become the four regional champions of PCS4.

Vote for up to 7 teams per region, with correct predictions granting 100,000 EP per correct regional selection. Correctly guess the winner of all four regions to win a grand total of 400,000 EP!

Event 2: Team Face-off 

Free to enter, correctly guess the winner of two rival teams to earn EP. Each region has 4 team pairs to vote on, so do your research and predict which team will perform better; it’s free, don’t forget to participate for a chance to win free rewards!

EP payouts are based on total voting amounts, predicting an underdog win can net you a much bigger EP payout than simply selecting a winning favorite. EP payouts range from 800 to 7200 depending on the vote disparity between favorite and underdog.

Check out the event summary page to take a glance at the live voting status and collect rewards.

FREE Voting Coupons and EP!

There are plenty of opportunities to earn free voting coupons and EP just by watching and interacting during the tournament! Up to 14 voting coupons can also be earned by purchasing PCS4 items.

  • During PCS4 this time around, a code will pop up right after the last match of the week is over! Be quick enough to enter the code in-game to get one free voting coupon!
  • Pay close attention during PCS4 live streams, as just like in previous PCS events, you’ll occasionally see codes on-screen during the broadcast that can be redeemed for EP.
  • Remember the Chicken Challenge from PGI.S? It’s back!
    • Participate in the Chicken Challenge while watching PCS4 on official PUBG Esports Twitch channels and cast your vote to predict the match-winner!
    • The votes will close 11 minutes after the match starts and the 2nd circle appears. Make your pick wisely!

All four PUBG regions are participating and the more you watch, the better your odds of scoring unique skins. You can earn up to 50,000 EP by entering codes and participating in the Chicken Challenge.

Now that you know everything about PCS4, the first leg of the PUBG Continental Series of 2021, which teams do you think will be crowned tournament champions?

Get ready to jump into all the action and excitement of PCS4, PUBG Esports, and the Pick’Em Challenge!