End of Season 11 Ranked and Rewards

The game developers have revealed the dates when the ongoing season concludes as well as when the next one starts. They've also revealed the list of rewards for the most dedicated players of Season 11 in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Hello Survivors!

After weeks of fierce competition on the Battlegrounds, the Season 11 Ranked Season is soon coming to an end, with just a few short weeks remaining. Drop in, gear up, and secure those rewards!

Ranked rewards will be distributed to all eligible players on July 2nd, once server maintenance is complete. Read on for full details on the Season 11 Ranked rewards.

Honor Based Rewards

An additional focus is being placed on your most recent Ranked achievements, with honor-based rewards such as nameplates and emblems now only available to display for the duration of the new season.

We hope this change encourages players to continue their ranked progression while also adding a little more prestige to those hard-earned rewards each season.

Ranked in-game cosmetics, such as parachute skins, etc., will remain available to use throughout all seasons.

Players who reach the highest ranks will receive additional rewards, such as animated nameplates and emblems to make the grind just a little sweeter.

  • At the beginning of Season 12, all eligible players will be granted their Season 11 rewards, including nameplates/emblems available for the duration of the season.
  • Honor-based rewards from Season 11 will be removed at the start of next season.

Season 11 Ranked Mode Rewards

Ranked rewards are granted based on your rank at season end. Players who reach at least Gold V will receive the Season 11 Ranked Parachute skin!

Those who fight their way to Platinum or higher will also be rewarded with a unique Animated Emblem. Master or higher players will also receive an Animated Nameplate.

The Top 500 players from each region will receive a unique Top 500 Animated Emblem and Animated Nameplate to show their status as world-beaters. Top 500 players will be displayed in-game on the LEADERBOARD.

Finally, view all your Season 11 Ranked stats by checking out the STATS screen under the CAREER tab in-game once the season wraps up.

  • Season 11 Emblem & Nameplates
    • Players who played at least 10 Ranked Matches will earn an emblem and nameplate matching their end-of-season rank.
    • Platinum Tier and above receive an Animated Ranked Emblem.
    • Master Tier and above receive an Animated Nameplate.
    • Top 500 players are rewarded with a Unique Animated Emblem and Nameplate.
    • Honor-based emblems will now be shown on your PUBG ID and displayed to enemies when you successfully take them out. Emblems will also be visible in the Death Cam and to spectators.

Season 11 Skin

  • Players Gold V and above will receive an exclusive Season 11 Ranked Parachute Skin.

Ranked Schedule

  • Season 11 Ranked Mode will end once servers go into maintenance on June 2nd KST (PC) / June 10th KST (Console).
  • Season 12 Ranked Mode will begin when servers go live with the live server update next month.