Team SoloMid released PUBG squad

Team SoloMid has officially announced they've disbanded their PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds lineup and have departed from the European pro scene. Omer "Iroh" Develi and Christopher "Fexx" Wheddon have left the team earlier.

TSM opened a PUBG division in 2017. Throughout its existence, the team has earned about $350,000 in prize money. At last year's PUBG Global Invitational.S championship in South Korea, the team took 27th place with $50,000 in prize money.

Former Team SoloMid

  • Турция, Turkey, TR Omer "Iroh" Develi
  • Великобритания, United Kingdom, UK Christopher "Fexx" Wheddon
  • Великобритания, United Kingdom, UK Alex "vard" Gouge
  • Ирландия, Irland, IE Justin "MiracU" McNally