2 South American teams released their lineups

Two South American clubs announced their departure from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds scene - Paraguayan Meta Gaming and Brazilian FURIA eSports have disbanded their squads. Meta Gaming opened a PUBG division in 2019 and FURIA eSports even earlier - back in 2018.

Both organizations participated in the PUBG Global Invitational.S event in South Korea: FURIA eSports placed 26th with $51,500 in prize money, while Meta Gaming finished in the top 7 and earned $389,000. The Brazilian club won $83,000 in PUBG prizes over its entire existence, while Meta Gaming earned half a million dollars.

Former Meta Gaming squad:

  •  Nahuel "SzylzEN" Balseiro
  •  Daniel "kODAk1d" Castro
  •  Leandro Matias "RiboxD" Racanelli
  •  Franco "Ragnar" Labrador

Former FURIA eSports squad:

  • Бразилия, Brazil, BR Alan "rustyzera" Alves
  • Бразилия, Brazil, BR Wellignton "Killdemo" Ely
  • Бразилия, Brazil, BR Victor "Raspu" Oliveira
  • Бразилия, Brazil, BR Marcos "NecroAQN" Antonio