Former Digital Athletics explained the reasons behind the decision to leave the organization

Murat "SIXMO" Öztürk, the player and coach of the former Digital Athletics PUBG squad, explained the reason why the team left the organization. According to SIXMO, the club broke an agreement regarding prize money distribution with PUBG Global Invitational.S.

We parted our ways with DA not because of a disagreement on the new contract, but because they didn’t stay loyal to the agreement made for PGI.S regarding the prize money.
They requested more and told us they wouldn't be giving us our already agreed share of the prize money.
We did not intend to make such a statement, but we felt the need to express ourselves because it was wrongly reflected in the statement made by DA yesterday.

Digital Athletics took sixth place at last year's PUBG Global Invitational.S championship in South Korea and earned $391,000.

Former состав Digital Athletics

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