April 7 - Killfeed Hotfix & Bug Fixes

PUBG Corporation has released a small patch on the main PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds servers. In this update, the developers have changed the Killfeed in the game, as well as fixed several bugs.

Hi all,

We have deployed a hotfix to re-enable semi-transparent killfeed entries for knocked players and to implement multiple bug fixes.

Please restart Steam to receive the update.

Killfeed Changes
– Added transparency to DBNO/knocked player killfeed entries to more easily differentiate between kills and knocks.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where part of the Team UI wouldn’t always fade to indicate when a player is dead or disconnected
– Fixed an issue when driving the Zima in TPP where the camera couldn’t move correctly on the vertical axis
– Fixed the issue where barefoot footstep sounds played when using a Wooden Puppet Legs skin item
– Fixed a clipping issue which occurred when equipping Fairied Away Gloves and Lunchmeat Hoodie together
– Reverted Festive Flannel – M416 / Moo’d Killer BattleStat module design to its original design

POBG Bug Fixes (April Fools game mode)
– Fixed the black background displayed at the bottom of the loading screen
– Fixed the issue where the Grenade Chicken would only throw a grenade towards itself on the Vikendi stage