WackyJacky101, a well-known content maker in the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds community, named three game mechanics that, in his opinion, have too much impact on PUBG gameplay and therefore need to be weakened or redesigned.

  • Drive-by mechanics. WackyJacky101 believes that the vehicle gives players too much of an advantage over opponents on foot. Here are some of them:
    - The mechanics of shooting while driving allow players to make swift attacks and just as swiftly retreat after assessing the risks on the battlefield;
    - Surprise effect thanks to the ability to turn off the engine;
    - Stability of the sight during firing on the move;
    additional protection - the machine absorbs some of the enemy's shots;
  • Spam left/right tilts (Q/E). WackyJacky101 claims that those players who have mastered the mechanics of rapid alternate tilting while firing get too much of an advantage in firefights with the enemy.
  • Crouch spam. The game allows players to squat often, which makes it very difficult for the enemy; according to WackyJacky101, PUBG developers should take an example from CS:GO, where players can't spam this feature (the more often you squat - the slower the character does it).