PGC Qualification Points in Europe and Americas

As the PUBG Global Invitational.S continues to excite and entertain audiences, the PUBG Europe and Americas esports teams are looking to add to the thrill with what’s coming next!

After PGI.S, each of the four regions - Asia, APAC, Europe and Americas - will run two online PUBG Continental Series events (PCS4 and PCS5) in June and September 2021 respectively. These events will be supplemented by major third-party events in both Europe and Americas throughout the year - keep an eye out for more details soon. The 2021 year will conclude with the return of the PUBG Global Championship, and in this article we’ll explain how teams will be selected from the Europe and Americas regions.

Considering the three major pillars of PUBG Esports - fans, players, and global competition - as well as the above, the Europe and Americas regions have aligned to create a standardized methodology for teams to qualify for PGC 2021. The new system, PGC Qualification Points, will provide fans with an easy to follow leaderboard showing which teams are on track to drop into PGC. It will also provide a meritocratic structure to ensure that the top teams from each of the regions will compete in the most prestigious global event of the PUBG 2021 calendar. 

Note: While the systems are the same for each region, the leaderboards for each region are separate.

How to Earn PGC Qualification Points

Along with PCS4 and PCS5, there will be at least two third-party events in which teams can earn PGC Qualification Points. As the top-tier events within each region, the points will be skewed to be heavier in the PCS competitions - including a direct invitation to PGC for the winners of PCS5 in both regions. But with points on the line throughout the year, squads will need to consistently perform at a high level to maximize their chances to qualify.

Keeping in mind that we may include additional events which distribute PGC Qualification Points in the future, the current point distribution plan is below.

*TPE = Third Party Event