Heroic complete PUBG squad

Norwegian eSports organization Heroic has manned its roster for the upcoming tournaments: the Finnish eSports player Jere "Jembty" Kauppinen, who left the team a few days ago, has been replaced by Benjamin "Beami" Steffensen from Denmark, who played for Bystanders since the middle of last year.

As stated in the official announcement, Beami joined the team on a trial period - the team will test the player at the upcoming Raise Your Edge Royale online tournament.

Also Valtteri "Vazku" Jussila returned to the squad - he represented Omaken Esports, who recently announced the merger with Heroic, from February to December 2020.

Heroic PUBG lineup:

  • Финляндия, Finland, FI Valtteri "Vazku" Jussila
  • Финляндия, Finland, FI Paavo "Pag3" Voutilainen
  • Великобритания, United Kingdom, UK Luke "TeaBone" Crafer
  • Дания, Denmark, DK Benjamin "Beami" Steffensen