PUBG 4th Anniversary - Graffiti Contest Results

PUBG Team has concluded the results of 4th Anniversary Graffiti Contest, which was launched at the start of the year. Check out some awesome pieces that were created for this occasion by the contestants in the official release below.

Hello PUBG Fans!

PUBG’s 4th Anniversary is nearly upon us! A while back, we asked our fans to submit their designs for our 4th Anniversary Graffiti Contest and announced that 4 lucky and talented winners will have their designs added to Erangel, Miramar, and Vikendi to add some celebratory flair to the Battlegrounds. We’ve been pouring over all of your entries and are just blown away by all the superb designs you’ve sent in. So blown away in fact, that we’ve decided to add a 5th winner to the bunch!

That’s right, these 5 talented folks are each taking home the First Place Prize of 40,000 G-Coin and a collection of special PUBG merchandise that should be arriving sometime this month! Of course, of equal importance are the bragging rights that come with having their amazing artwork in the game for all our fans to see. Congratulations to our winners!






Narrowing all your amazing submissions down to 40 finalists, let alone just 5 winners, was extremely difficult. The remaining 35 qualifiers aren’t going home empty handed, though. They will each receive 10,000 G-Coin as a token of gratitude for their great designs!

Check out the following video to view all the marvelous designs