PUBG Mobile Global Championship switches to Online format

The final part of the international PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0 on PUBG Mobile will take place online due to the fact that three contestants have been diagnosed with coronavirus. The organizers placed them in quarantine and decided to hold the event online - all players will perform in isolation from each other.

PUBG MOBILE Global Championship Finals Announcement:
Following the COVID testing upon entry to the PMGC Finals, three players tested positive for COVID-19. They remain well and have shown no symptoms for now. They are under self-quarantine, along with those who have been in close contact with them and we are conducting regular testing. Our team is providing all necessary support, including medical assistance from health facilities and we are dedicated to their full recovery.
In light of this, PUBG MOBILE has made the decision, in accordance with our contingency plan, to begin the Finals with players competing in isolation on a dedicated network instead of gathering at the venue as the players' health and safety always remain a top priority to us.
Nevertheless, we will continue to work to bring you the tournament as scheduled while ensuring the teams are able to compete in a safe and fair environment. All players are currently under self-quarantine as a part of our precautionary measures and they will be playing the game in isolation from January 21st.