January 20 - Maintenance & Bug Fixes

Hi all,

Maintenance is complete and alongside regular stability checks and backend work, we’ve rolled out the following bug fixes:

  • Increased the maximum number of RP acquirable per Ranked match.
  • Fixed the issue which caused a Battlestat module to be incorrectly displayed on the Colorful Chaos – Mk47 Mutant.
    • We understand some players purchased the Colorful Chaos – Mk47 skin expecting a BattleStat variant, we apologize for the confusion and will happily issue refunds upon player request via our support portal.
  • Fixed the crash issue occurring when observer views a player via the user list.
  • Fixed the issue where live streaming couldn’t be disabled from the settings menu.
  • Fixed the issue where in-game mission list was not refreshed while in-game.
  • Fixed the issue where characters could be shown equipped with parachute backpack when viewing players landed on the ground in death cam and replays.
  • Fixed the issue where Survivalist Parka item could block players view when equipped on a female character in FPP mode.
  • Fixed the issue where bots could be equipped with items not yet available on live server.
  • Fixed the issue with partially accomplished missions not displayed on the mission list.
  • Fixed the issue where live streaming was not streamed properly on the screen.

The full patch notes for Season 10 and Update 10.2 can be found here.