EU Server Relocation - December 2020

After tomorrow's maintenance of the main PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds servers, in which the developers will install patch 10.1, PUBG Corp. will begin the process of moving the European servers to Frankfurt.

Hello Survivors,

Last month we ran tests in various regions around Europe to find a server location that would provide the best network conditions for the greatest number of players. The results are in, so let’s go over where the servers will move to, and when it will happen.

Affected platforms: Xbox, PlayStation, Stadia

Time and date: Starting after server maintenance for Update 10.1

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

So, why Frankfurt? We’re working with certain server providers, and thus have a set number of locations that we can choose from. Since almost everyone from Europe is playing on the same servers, it’s important to make sure that network conditions, such as ping, are as evenly spread across the continent as possible.

Frankfurt showed the second best results out of the regions we tested, and our longer-term plan is to move our servers to Paris next year. Paris showed the best results for our overall EU player base, but there’s still some work left to do to get servers here prepped and ready. The data also showed that PC players would benefit by moving to Paris as well and would bring improvements over our current server location.

After we move our console players to Frankfurt, we’ll be monitoring closely to make sure our servers are running smoothly. We know data doesn’t always show the complete picture though, so please tell us about your experiences on console once the servers have moved!

See you on the Battlegrounds,