PUBG on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5

Hello Survivors,

A big question we’ve seen the last few months is what our plans are for PUBG on the next generation of consoles. Today, we’re happy to announce that PUBG will be playable on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5 from day one!

If you are a current-gen PUBG Console player, you’ll be able to continue playing the game on next-gen consoles at no extra cost with the same PUBG account you’ve been playing on all this time. All of your game account progress and cosmetics will carry over with no interruptions.

In addition to PUBG being playable from day one on next-gen, we will also be supporting cross-generation multiplayer alongside cross-platform play. This means that players on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5 consoles will be able to squad up and play against each other on the battlefield.

Please see below for specifics around performance and technical details:

Xbox Series X/S

The Xbox Series X will leverage the Xbox One X game build. The game will run at 60 FPS by selecting the Framerate Priority option*.

The Xbox Series S will leverage the Xbox One S game build, which runs at 30 FPS.  We are working to provide an option to raise the framerate cap on Xbox One S and Xbox Series S consoles in the future.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 will leverage the PlayStation 4 Pro build. By selecting the Framerate Priority option*, the game will run up to 60 FPS.

*Framerate Priority option releases on live servers for Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro with the October 9.1 Update.

After rigorous testing, we’re pleased to say that the game performance is extremely smooth and stable, with faster loading and little to no frame drops thanks to the power of next-gen.

For more information around backwards compatibility, please visit the official PlayStation and Xbox websites.

Game performance and stability is a priority for us and we want to thank everyone for their support. This is an exciting time for console players everywhere, and we hope to ring it in with you with plenty of chicken dinners!

See you on the Battlegrounds,

PUBG Console Team