PUBG Labs: Faction Warmode

Hello players,

Last year, we introduced PUBG Labs as a way to experiment with fun game settings and try out new features and modes before they’re ready for normal matches.

While we haven’t had a new LABS mode in a while, we’ve seen you asking for new event modes and different ways to play.

To help scratch that itch, we’re spinning up Labs again, starting with an already existing mode: Faction Warmode. This time around, you’ll be able to form your own 8 person party before entering, so grab your friends and get ready rumble!

Faction Warmode is a team vs team (8v8) match that takes place on Sanhok. When you spawn, you’ll be able to choose from one of several different “Spawn Kits” that each have their own load-out. Your team has to work together to earn points by eliminating enemies within a small safe zone to reach the point threshold!

Faction Warmode Schedule

  • Friday, 4 September 2020 00:01 (PST) – Monday, 7 September 00:00 (PST)


  • 8 person squads, 8 vs 8 combat
  • You can invite players to form up your squad of 8 and matchmaking will automatically fill any missing slots.
  • TPP / FPP

Faction Warmode Rules

  • Faction Warmode takes place on Sanhok during several different weather types.
  • Each match takes place in a small Safe Zone surrounded by a static Blue Zone.

When first entering the game, you will select one of four Spawn kits to play with:

Assault – M416 (red dot), R1895, Level 1 Vest/Helmet, ammo, bandages

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Medic UMP (red dot), Sawed-off, Level 3 Vest/Helmet, ammo, First Aid Kit, Med Kit, Painkillers, Adrenaline Syringe, Critical Response Kit*
* Critical Response Kit: Allows you to revive a downed teammate much faster

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Support – S12K (red dot), Skorpion, Level 2 Vest/Helmet, ammo, Frag Grenade, Bandages

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Scout – Kar98K (4x Scope), P18C, Level 1 Vest/Helmet, Ghillie Suit, ammo, Bandages

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  • No Red Zone.
  • No world spawn items. no vehicles, or Flare Guns and Care Packages.
  • No Deathcam
  • Respawn from the plane upon death

Win Conditions 

  • The team that reaches 200 points first wins the chicken dinner
  • When the 15 minute timer reaches 0, the team with higher points wins.
    • Points are granted by the conditions:
      • Kill an enemy player: +3 points
      • Down an enemy player: +1 point
      • Revive a teammate: +1 point
      • Down or kill a teammate: -5 points
      • Killed by your own grenade or falling: -5 points


In Faction Warmode you cannot:

  • Earn BP or Survivor Pass XP
  • Complete Survivor Pass missions
  • Earn Weapon/survival mastery XP
  • Utilize the Team Up feature after the game

Faction Warmode Known Issues

  • In situations where a teammate reconnects to the game while dead, others in the team may be unable to see the UI which indicates they’re a part of your team.

Hope you enjoy the return of the PUBG LABS and the introduction of Faction Warmode.
We’re always watching your feedback, so please keep it coming! We’ll be back with additional modes in the future.

Thanks for playing!