UFC becomes a Sponsor of Peacekeeper Elite League, the Chinese PUBG Mobile tournament

Peacekeeper Elite League is longest and most competitive tournament for Game for Peace, Chinese counterpart of PUBG Mobile, in China. The level of competition is very high and business value it brings in terms of sponsorships is huge.

The mobile gaming industry has been rising steadily around the world, but more rapidly in China. China is the highest esports revenue platform globally and has brought in $7.2 Billion in the mobile esports revenue, according to reports by Google.

Such factors make China a rising opportunity for sponsors around the world who are trying to delve into esports. It is evident through recent sponsorship by Tesla who collaborated with Tencent to bring in limited edition skin of their car Tesla Model 3.

According to PEL’s official post, the UFC partnership is first of its kind in China and the company plans to extend their alliance in various ways. The translated post reads this:

The UFC and PEL partnership again brings a promising future path for mobile esports and mainly PUBG Mobile. The mobile esports ecosystem is slowly growing and such partnership and collaborations are prominent evidences that the future holds good part for PUBG Mobile and mobile esports in general.