Welcome to PUBG Continental Series Charity Showdown!

The ongoing COVID19 pandemic continues to present challenges around the world and we feel now is the time not only for fun but also kindness. We are pleased to present the PUBG Continental Series (PCS) Charity Showdown happening May 14 – 31. This is a series of global events where teams will compete for $200,000 with $100,000 of that pot being donated to a charity of the winning team’s choosing.

Today we have detailed breakdowns of each event including schedules, team rosters and regional divisions.

PCS Charity Showdown will be held across four regions from May 14 to 31.

The four regions include:

  • Asia – which consists of Korea, Japan, China, and Chinese Taipei
  • Asia Pacific – which consists of Southeast Asia and Oceania
  • Europe
  • North America

While the total combined prize pool for these regional tournaments is $800,000, each tournament will have a combined prize pool and donation fund of $200,000. The total prize commitment breaks down as:

  • $100,000 will be distributed to participating teams based on their performance.
  • The remaining $100,000 will be donated to a charity of the winning team’s choice under the names of all participating teams from the regional tournament.


PCS ASIA Charity Showdown will be held during two weeks with 16 teams from Korea, China, Japan, and Chinese Taipei.

Regional Seeds and participating teams

  • Korea: 6 Seeds
    • Gen.G, ENTUS, Element Mystic, Griffin, VRLU GHIBLI, Quadro
  • China: 6 Seeds
    • Luminous Stars Gaming, LYG Gaming, Tianba, iFTY, Four Angry Men, RushB Gaming
  • Japan: 2 Seeds
    • Sunsister, Detonation Gaming White
  • Chinese Taipei: 2 Seeds
    • Global Esports Xsset, Team Curson

PCS ASIA Charity Showdown Schedule

  • Week 1: May 15, 17
  • Week 2: May 22, 24

For more details of the event, please check out each regional official PUBG channel.


PCS APAC Charity Showdown will be held during two weeks with 16 teams from SEA (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Philippines), and OCE.

Regional Seeds and participating teams

  • Vietnam: 6 Seeds
    • Ceberus Esports, Creatory Esports, Phoenix Gaming, Divine Esports, DivisionX Gaming, DIC Gaming
  • Thailand: 5 Seeds
    • Buriram United Esports, Golden Cat, Daytrade Gaming, Qconfirm, MiTH
  • Indonesia: 1 Seed
    • Victim FTF
  • Philippines: 1 Seed
    • ArkAngel Predator
  • Oceania: 3 Seeds
    • Fury Australia, Athletico, Team Ferox

PCS APAC Charity Showdown Schedules

  • Week 1: May 14, 16
  • Week 2: May 21, 23

PCS Europe Charity Showdown will be held across three weeks (including Group Stage and Grand Finals) with 24 teams from Europe West, Europe East, and Middle East & Africa.

Invited teams (10 teams)

  • FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, TSM, ENCE, RYE Gaming, Northern Lights Team, Adepts, Tornado Energy, Omaken Sports

Regional seeds and qualifier schedules for additional 14 teams

  • Europe West (May 2-9): 7 Seeds (TOP 7)
  • Europe East (May 4-11): 4 Seeds (TOP 4)
  • Middle East & Africa (May 5-12): 3 Seeds (TOP 3)

PCS Europe Charity Showdown Schedule

  • Group Stage Week 1 (24 Teams): May 15-17
  • Group Stage Week 2 (24 Teams): May 22-24
  • Grand Finals (16 Teams): May 29-31


PCS North America Charity Showdown will be held over four days with 16 teams (8 teams from PGS Berlin: Americas Qualifier finalists + 8 additional teams from open qualifier).

Invited teams (8 teams)

  • Soniqs, Exodus, Oath, Houston Hardshifts, Livid Gaming, 303 Esports, Team Clueless, Radiance

Qualifier schedules for additional 8 teams

  • Round of 64: May 2-3
  • Round of 32: May 9-10
  • Round of 16: May 16-17
    • TOP 8 will advance to PCS North America Charity Showdown

PCS North America Charity Showdown Schedule

  • Grand Finals: May 21-24