PUBG launches Creator Appreciation Program (Beta) for Season 7

Hello all!

We are excited to share that PUBG is launching a new Creator Appreciation Program in conjunction with Season 7 hitting live servers. What this means is that you will now be able to input a “creator tag” to your PUBG account and, when you purchase anything in-game, a percentage of that money will go to your favorite creator.

For Season 7, we are considering this a beta test and the Creator Appreciation Program is limited to a small number of current PUBG Partners in North America and EMEA only. We really wanted to roll this out to as many creators as possible, but like most beta tests, we wanted to make sure we started on a smaller scale to ensure we could take key learnings into account as we plan to expand the program. So, if you don’t see your favorite creator yet – or if you want to participate yourself – we will keep everyone updated on the latest as the program evolves.

What is the Creator Appreciation Program, exactly?

  • PUBG’s Creator Appreciation Program enables PUBG Partners to earn money from in-game purchases. Players can use a creator’s unique tag in their PUBG account page and creator’s will receive a portion of the money you spend in-game. The only exclusion is purchases of the base game (because you need a PUBG account in order to input a creator tag).

So, how do you support a creator? It’s easy!

  • Login to

  • Input a creator tag

  • That’s it! Once you do that, a portion of every in-game purchase you make will go to your selected creator.

Also, if you missed this news initially, we are making this retroactive for all purchases you made up to 14 days after the launch of S7. What this means is if you buy the S7 pass as soon as it launches and don’t input a creator tag until after you’ve already made the purchase, we will retroactively apply that purchase to your selected creator.

We are rolling out this program in waves and will continue to update as additional creators opt-in.

  • Ashek

  • JennaJulien

  • Lurn

  • Halifax

  • HCJustin

  • Lil_Lexi

  • Smacetron

  • Viva La Dirt League

  • Rammus53

  • Danucd

  • 10000Days

  • Ibiza

  • Wackyjacky101

  • Lost

  • Fenya

  • Break

  • Ceh9

  • Littlebigwhale

  • Vengaard

  • G4V3R

  • Lega Play

  • Senex

  • Axeloukos

  • SprEEEzy

  • Benjoi

  • Aledvan

  • Gagod

  • P4wnyhof

  • TheBeardGuys

April 21 Additions:

  • Avori

  • Hambinooo

  • Grizz

  • Chocotaco

  • Lumi

  • Chad

  • Drassel

  • Taingysauce

  • Vsnz

  • 50