DreamHack PUBG Showdown announced

The open qualification for the new online tournament DreamHack PUBG Showdown with a total prize pool of 15 thousand dollars starts tomorrow . Of this $6500 will go to the winners.

The competition will be held in three stages: from 21 to 24 April the organizers will run open qualifiers for all teams (you can sign up here). Sixteen strongest teams from the open qualifiers will advance to the closed qualification, where eight more invited teams will join them.

According to the results of closed qualifiers, which will be take placefrom 25 to 29 April, the eight best participants will get to the final stage of the championship, scheduled for the period from 2 to 10 May. Another 16 teams will receive direct invitations to the final stage of the DreamHack PUBG Showdown. More information about the format and distribution of the prize access on the official DreamHack website.