Scoom retires from PUBG eSports

PUBG legend Keiron "Scoom" Prescott announced his retirement from the competetive PUBG scene, following the decision of many other players and organizations. The situation is even more worse due to current situation on the globe - the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier PGS: Berlin lan finals have been postponed for indefinite time.

Here's the official statement from the player.

I think it is finally time for me to announce my retirement from competing in PUBG. I assume most already figured it out even tho I did keep saying I was taking a break.

But I've officially come to the conclusion that I just don't enjoy the game anymore, and I do not see myself returning.

I had an absolute blast these last 2.5 years, travelling around the world and competing vs the best, whilst being under @TeamLiquid & @TeamReciprocity , two amazing orgs that I am super thankful of being a part of.

Achieving things that most people will dream of, from 2nd place at worlds 2018, to winning stacked international tournaments and living in Berlin + playing in the pro league in 2019. Although in my mind I kinda wish I accomplished more,but at the same time I really can't complain.

To all my ex-teammates, it was an absolute pleasure playing with all of you, and wish you guys nothing but the best going forward.
Ollywood, Hayz, Molnman
Jeemzz, Ibiza, Sambty
Raphy, Haxete, Shiv, Udyr, Monkey
Thanks guys for all the amazing and fun times, each squad was unique and have very memorable moments to look back on.

Also to the PUBG scene, I hope it keeps going forward and grows cause the talent/players truly deserve it, the passion that most if not all of you bring to this game is just amazing, and whilst it is kinda sad to see how PUBG respond to it, I hope things change for the better in the future.

It is sad to kinda make this tweet and step away, but at the same time I'm excited what the future brings. Although I am not entirely sure what direction to take, I for sure am gonna stick around esports and will be streaming in the mean time till I see something pop up.

Peace and love and stay safe out there guys and girls! Think of others and not yourself in these moments.