PUBG 3rd Anniversary Announcement

Dear Community,

On March 23rd, PUBG is officially 3 years old! We want to start off by thanking you for all your support over the last 3 years. 2019 was in a lot of ways a year of taking risks for us. Reworking a beloved map like Erangel required a lot of love and care to get right, but we’re pleased that many of you are happy with the result. We also introduced our smallest map to date, Karakin, which brought a new intensity to PUBG’s brand of Battle Royale.

To help navigate these new and reworked maps, we improved our movements systems to allow for climbing and ledge grabs, greatly increasing the tactical options available to players. And speaking of tactical, 2019’s Weapon Mastery system allowed you to track your progress with the extensive PUBG arsenal for Weapon Charms and bragging points.

While there was plenty new, we saw 2019 as a year of building a foundation for PUBG. Going forward, we want to continue to improve upon what’s made PUBG so popular these last 3 years. This will include map reworks, new maps, new weapons & mechanics, additional game options such as Arcade’s Team Deathmatch, and of course quality of life improvements & bug fixes for some of your most pressing issues.

The first of those reworks has already been talked about! Thanks to the help of our PUBG Partners, you all got a first look at the updated Vikendi. We’re pouring over your data and feedback from the test to get it polished up before the train leaves the station. We want each new and reworked map to bring an entirely new experience to you all with fun and exciting new mechanics, so a big thank you to everyone in our community who tested it out and sent in your feedback.

Community is the backbone of any online game and as such celebrating our 3rd year also means celebrating you. This is why we recently ran our first ever Community Skin Design Contest in which members of the PUBG Community from all around the world submitted their own skin designs to be voted on by you.

The winners of this contest had their designs created and they will be available to all PC and Console players for free during this celebration. Details on the winners can be found below!

PUBG has come a long way since March of 2017 and we fully understand that there is still much to do, but it is because of all of you that we’ve been able to take our little game and grow it into one of the biggest games of all time. We know an achievement like this comes with a big responsibility to you all and we’re working hard this year to do better.

We hope to share these efforts and our plans for 2020 soon but for now let us thank you once again for being a part of this incredible journey. From all of us here at PUBG to all of you around the world, happy 3rd anniversary!

-The PUBG Team

3rd Anniversary Winning Items

Winners of Global Skin Contest are included in the 3rd Anniversary Item Box!

  • Hoodie skin by @KARAAGEKUN_KEI from JP
  • M416 Skin by @DY_BUDDY from CN
  • Parachute skin by @SEB34627111 from EMEA
  • PC Distribution Period
    • Mar 23rd (Mon) 0900 KST ~ April 23rd 0900 KST
    • 3rd Anniversary Skin Set can be purchased in the in-game store for FREE
      (Don’t forget to collect your items before the gift period ends!)
  • Console Distribution Period
    • Mar 26th (Thu)  14:00 KST ~ April 25th (Sat) 13:59 KST
    • Gifts are granted as a log-in reward and will be automatically granted when players log in

    (Granted with a 3rd Anniversary Box. Item can be found in the following tab. Customize tab > Utility > Crate.)