Omaken Sports signed Zoekt een Naam

Omaken Sports, a young Norwegian eSports organization, has signed its first PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds line-up: the European Zoekt een Naam will perform under the club's banners from now on.

From August 2019 to January 2020, the team played under the tag N47: On January 6, the organization ceased cooperation with the team, and the players returned to their former name Zoekt een Naam.

The composition of Zoekt een Naam took first place in the second phase of the Candidates' League, and got into the top four of the strongest in PEL Promo Phase 2. The team entered the top 9 at the PEL Kick-off Cup and finished ninth in the first phase of the PEL Contenders. Under tag N47 the team entered the top 6 of the third phase of the PUBG Europe League.

Omaken Sports line-up

  • Норвегия, Norway, NO Levi "Ivel" Haakenstad Sørensen
  • Финляндия, Finland, FI Valtteri "Vazku" Jussila
  • Финляндия, Finland, FI Paavo "Pag3" Voutilainen
  • Великобритания, United Kingdom, UK Luke "TeaBone" Crafer