ENCE replace 2

Finnish esport organization ENCE have decided to replace two players of the main squad - the reason behind that are obviously unsatisfactory results of the roster.

Unfortunately we were not able to replicate our success from Phase 1 and at the end of Phase 3, we had to fight for our spot in the PEL through the relegation tournament. After winning the relegation tournament, the team has gone through a period of consideration as to how we move forward to be more competitive. We have decided to make changes in the roster for 2020 and say good bye to Miika “miikaz” Kinnunen and Aki “TRYFFELI” Minkkinen. We would like to thank them for their efforts and a memorable Phase 1 trophy lift and wish the best for both of them moving forward!

To replace the pair, we are delighted to welcome Olli “Tiikzu” Saarikoski and Daniel “D1gg3r1” Luusua. Tiikzu is already known for his time in the PEL previously for CrowCrowd, who he transfers from to ENCE – we would like to thank CrowCrowd for a smooth transfer. D1gg3r1 is an up and coming player who previously played in the PEL-C and will now debut in PEL with us.

D1gg3r1 (left) and Tiikzu (right) are joining ENCE PUBG for 2020 to help the team in championship contending runs

“After two rough Phases in the PEL, we felt like a change was necessary and we decided to replace miikaz and TRYFFELI. We considered what our best options would be and decided to recruit two talented players in Tiikzu and D1gg3r1. Most likely myself and Tiikzu will be doing the ingame leading, while Rustanmar and D1gg3r1 are going to be our heavy hitters. I believe with this lineup we will be a contender for more championships”, says Saku “sKUIJKE” Sajakoski, ENCE PUBG

The roster for ENCE PUBG in 2020 will be

Saku “sKUIJKE” Sajakoski
Miro “Rustanmar” Ruotsi
Daniel “D1gg3r1” Luusua
Olli “Tiikzu” Saarikoski
Jari “SENTEX” Sammalniemi (Coach)