VC Gaming tops the leaderboards at PGC 2019 semifinals

The second game day of the semifinal stage of the PUBG Global Championship 2019 has come to an end: today the participants of groups B and C fought with each other. As a result, Asian teams took the first five places in the tournament table, and Natus Vincere fell down to top6.

Match winners

Match #1 (Erangel) - 4AM
Match #2 (Erangel) - iFTY
Match #3 (Erangel) - 4AM
Match #4 -(Sanhok) - VC Gaming
Match #5 (Miramar) - OGN Entus Ace
Match #6 (Miramar) - VC Gaming

In the PGC 2019 semi-finals, the competition takes place in a circular system (each group will play with each other; in the end, each team will play 12 matches). The 16 strongest teams will play in the Grand Final, where 12 more rounds will be played.:

PUBG Global Championship 2019 takes place from November 8 to 24 in the USA. The group stage and semifinals of the tournament will be held in Los Angeles, and the final will be held in Oakland. The initial prize fund of the tournament is $2 million.