Viewers of the official PUBG Global Championship 2019 broadcasts on YouTube will be able to get exclusive cosmetic items for watching the last two stages of the tournament.

To enter the competition, you must link your PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds account to your YouTube account. How to do this, the developers told in this video:


What is a PUBG Account?

The PUBG Account is a way to connect all of your game accounts to our various partner platforms out there.

When can I expect my items?

Your items should be delivered to your PUBG inventory within 24 hours after the daily event ends as long as you have linked your account and tuned into PGC on an eligible YouTube channel. A complete list of eligible channels can be found below.

It’s been 24 hours, but I haven’t received my items. What’s the deal?

If you have not received your items within 24 hours after the daily event ends, please reach out to customer support at

Where can I watch PGC in order to make sure I get these items?

The following YouTube channels are eligible for this promotion:
Brazil (Portuguese)
LATAM (Spanish)
East Asia (VN + Thai)

How do I make sure I get all of the items?
Make sure your account is linked to YouTube as explained above.
To get the Connect Camo Pants, tune into the PGC Semifinals on an eligible YouTube channel (listed above) from November 15th – 17th .
To get the Connect Camo Jacket, tune into the PGC Finals on an eligible YouTube channel (listed above) from November 23rd – 24th .

When are the PGC Semifinals and Finals?
Semifinal Stage: 11/15 ~ 11/17 16:00 PST
Final Stage: 11/23 ~ 11/24 16:00 PST

Can I get the items on my Xbox/Playstation account?

This promotion is only valid for players with a valid Steam version of PUBG. We're looking forward to having future events like this for our console players in the future. Thank you for understanding.

Having trouble linking your PUBG account to your Steam Account?

In order to successfully link your Steam account to your PUBG Account, you must own a copy of PUBG on Steam, and must have created your in-game character. Once you have done that, please try to link your accounts again.