Natus Vincere & FaZe Clan advance to the semis

Last night in Los Angeles PUBG Global Championship 2019 kicked off with group A matches. As a result, the eight strongest teams made it to the tournament semi-finals, and the remaining eight squads will have to play knockout matches. You can read more about the format of the championship in our article.

Among the teams that secured slots in the semifinal stage are Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, Tempo Storm, Gen.G, et.c. The final tournament table of Group A looks as follows:

The winners of the matches:

Match #1 (Erangel)- OGN Entus Ace
Match #2 (Erangel) - FaZe Clan
Match #3 (Erangel)-SK Telecom T1
Match #4 (Sanok) - Natus Vincere
Match #5 (Miramar) - Tempo Storm
Match #6 (Miramar) - Gen.G

Tonight the fight will be between the members of Group B:

The PUBG Global Championship 2019 takes place November 8 to 24 in the USA. The group stage and semifinals of the tournament will be  in Los Angeles, and the final will move to Oakland. The initial prize fund of the tournament is $2 million.