Another interview with PEL:Phase 3 participants, this time it's MiracU from Ninjas in Pyjamas.

By Phase 3, we saw several significant changes made to the PEL. Let's discuss them and start with the reduction in gaming weeks, but an increase in the number of matches per day. How do you like such an intense schedule?

We don't really mind the schedule. Overall we'd probably like the number of games to be slightly less, not for our sake, but for the viewers. The 60 of Phase 1 felt like a good number.

The second significant change is the addition of Sanhok. How do you like this map, and how did your team adapt to it?

In a way, it suits us as it's generally played on foot and that's something that we like and try to do as much as possible, even on Erangel and Miramar. Sanhok is a fun map for public games, bit of a DM map if you know what I mean, but it's not a map suitable for competitive PUBG as it is now. It would require a major rework of the map to make it good. But it is what it is and we're doing our best to adapt accordingly.

How useful is the Ledge Grab skill that the developers introduced this summer for esports matches?

Ledge grab opens up for some new positioning and makes the movement feel more fluid and not forced. So it's a good change in pretty much every aspect.

Let's talk about your team’s game, for example, consider match No. 37, Miramar, where you first encountered and defeated TSM. It was the first phase of the zone. Everything turned out well for you, but it was risky. What caused the teams to collide this early and who initiated the fight?

You could say TSM initiated the fight. It was where Nbs loots and they decided to go up there before the zone even closed if I remember correctly. That said, it's not uncommon that TSM does that in this kind of central circle, if anything, we decided to fight back this time and it worked out pretty well for us.

Later in that match, you occupied a building in San Martin and survived several waves of attacks. Tell us about this scene: what did you discuss, and how did you manage to defend the attacks from all sides?

San Martin is home turf to us so we obviously know it pretty well by now. But in that kind of situation, it's important to keep your calm, find the right balance of keeping a position, keeping players up and alive while also playing it aggressive enough to fight off anyone who's trying to get into town.

The result of this phase will be not only prize money but also six spots to the PUBG Global Championship. You are currently in 9th place, and completed the last phase in 8th place. What needs to be added to your game to break into the top six?

Consistency and finding that balance I spoke of earlier, knowing when to peek and when to just chill. It usually takes a while for us to get going, but with a good Week 3, we're starting to feel it. Our eyes are definitely on a PGC spot and beyond so we'll be fighting hard to get there.