Kaspersky Lab introduced their own anti-cheat system

At StarLadder Major 2019, Kaspersky Lab presented their own solution to fight against cheaters in esports. Kaspersky Anti-Cheat is based on cloud technologies and allows real-time detection of players' using banned software and then sending the corresponding report to the tournament judges.

"The global gaming market is growing very intensively from year to year and is becoming interesting for companies that are not directly related to them. In addition to games, we have esports, which we see as a new channel of communication. Esports have also shown good results in terms of business. "Kaspersky Lab has started researching cheats for online games. Cheats are like viruses, and we fight them best in the world.

We detect the use of various cheats in games, including transparent walls, automatic aiming at the enemy and getting paid in-game items. We made two products: anticheat for esports tournaments and anticheat for online gaming manufacturers. So far, we have launched support for three games: Counter-Strike, PUBG and Dota 2. In the future, we can adapt to any game. When the esports product is integrated into the tournaments, it will be a prerequisite for participation in the tournament.

We don't make any calculations on the player's computer, we just collect the information and process it in our cloud and send the results to the tournament judges. We do not prevent players from playing the game itself.

Our beta version only works with the free Counter-Strike cheat database, and the result is 100%. I can't tell you the exact numbers from the paid cheat database, but I can assure you that we're doing good results.

- Anton Selikhov, Kaspersky Anti-Cheat Project Manager

Exclusive rights to use the presented anticheat went to the Ukrainian tournament operator StarLadder, which will use it at the nearest esports championships under its aegis. However, according to the developers, Kaspersky Anti-Cheat easily integrates with any tournament platform: the utility is launched on the players' computers, after which it starts collecting information that is sent for analysis to remote servers to avoid unnecessary load on the devices and network.

"Many gamers cheat to earn money and prizes at competitions or gain qualification for tournaments. And this growing trend can undermine trust in cybersports and reduce the popularity of online singles. Kaspersky Anti-Cheat will allow us to use the best practices of Kaspersky Lab in gaming. We will test this new solution in our tournaments and test how often players resort to unfair play methods. We are confident that with this kind of protection the StarLadder platform will be able to attract even more gamers and make the entire gaming community healthier.

 - Alexander Chegrynets, StarLadder Development Director

"We organise not only LAN tournaments, but also online. One of the most important criteria for our success is the availability of anticheat readers. And such an anticheat as Kaspersky will be a good advantage for us as a tournament operator. At the moment the platform is ready and we use it in various events. Having received such a solution, we begin to move towards the transfer of key events to ourselves.

- Alexander Fomin, StarLadder Commercial Director