PUBG Global Championship: PEL Qualification Guide

When their Phase 3 journey ends, PEL top teams will be longing for a chance to stake their claim as the best squad in the world. The PUBG Global Championship (PGC) takes over California this November, and teams will put everything on the line to earn a share of the $2 000 000 USD prize pool.

As one of the PUBG Pro Leagues, PEL was automatically assigned four slots in the Championship. The two additional wild card seats were earned based on strong performances by PEL teams in previous PUBG Classic events—Team Liquid’s third-place finish at the FACEIT Global Summit, and FaZe Clan’s tournament-winning efforts at the GLL Grand Slam.

Points to prove

To ensure that PEL Phase 3’s number one squad has the chance to show off their skills at PGC, the phase winner will be guaranteed the first slot at the main event.

Slots two to six will be assigned based on overall PEL Performance Points (the total match points earned by a team by the end of the phase, including kills and placement points). These will be calculated as follows:

  •  30% of Phase 2 PEL Performance Points + 70% of Phase 3 PEL Performance Points

While we want to ensure that top-performing Phase 2 teams are rewarded for their hard work last time out, the previous phase points are weighted at 30% for a few reasons:

  •  Newly promoted PEL Contenders teams didn’t have the chance to compete in Phase 2, but an outstanding Phase 3 PEL Performance Points total could still earn them a spot at PGC.
  •  To compete with the best teams in the world, PEL squads will need to be in top form.* By weighting their Phase 3 PEL Performance Points more heavily, this should favour the teams playing at a high level in the latter phase.

*Any team facing relegation after Phase 3, regardless of their total PEL Performance Points total, will be ineligible to compete at PGC.