Beşiktaş e-Sports Club parts with team; they are now Deperado

The eSports branch of Turkish football club Beşiktaş released their PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds roster, which would take part in PEL Phase 3. The full Norwegian squad has changed their banners for the Canadian Desperado. Earilier, July 22, Kristoffer "LuX" Holst Gabrielsen has been replaced for Jonas "C4LVINKL3IN" Sørvik.

This team has managed to win the PEL:Contenders Phase 2 & achieve the 3rd spot at PEL:Promo, which allowed them to advance to the top league PEL Phase 3. Squad has earned $15 000 total.

Desperado roster

  • Норвегия, Norway, NO Erik "SIMSY" Gravrok (igl)
  • Норвегия, Norway, NO Mikael "ultra-" Andersen
  • Норвегия, Norway, NO Tomi "TomiL" Lindback
  • Норвегия, Norway, NO Jonas "C4LVINKL3IN" Sørvik