bjorN: “Our ultimate goal is to establish ourselves as a PEL team”

GamerLegion team member Asbjørn "bjorN" Strøm have spoken about the performance in the second phase of PEL Contenders, named the main goal of the team in the next phase of the competition, and shared his thoughts on the current meta in the e-sports PUBG. GamerLegion took second place at PEL Promo and provided itself with a slot in the top division of the European pro-league.

What changes do you attribute to causing such an upturn in performance between Phases 1 and 2 in Contenders?

One of the factors that changed our performance from Phase 1 to Phase 2 was that we changed a player to align our in-game philosophy. The second factor was that our poor performance in Phase 1, made us hungry to grind the game even more to become one of the best teams. Thirdly, in Phase 1, we were getting used to the meta and it was our first "real" tournament in three months, whereas other teams had already played their way into Contenders and had adjusted. We also acquired David “Velan” Velan as a coach to help with out of game preparations and analyzing.

What was the biggest challenge in Phase 2 of Contenders and how did you overcome it?

Most of the time, we perform better against "better" teams per se and worse against "worse" teams, so the biggest challenge for us was to get through the group stage. 

Which is the best team that didn't make it into PEL Phase 3 and why do you think they failed to qualify?

Our friends from No Tag Team have the potential but, for some of them, it was their first LAN experience and I think they may have felt the pressure.

How confident were you that you'd make it into PEL for Phase 3?

We were pretty confident that we would make it with our performance in Contenders, having held the top spot for two and a half weeks. We believed in ourselves, even though everyone else thought of us as an underdog.

How do you think the other promoted teams will fare in the next phase?

I think both Zoekt Een Naam and Besiktas will strive perfectly in PEL Phase 3. In my opinion, the gap between the teams was too big and I think fresh teams can make our region even stronger.

What's your ultimate goal for the upcoming phase?

Our ultimate goal is to establish ourselves as a PEL team.

What do you think of the current meta in PUBG esports?

The meta for the last six months has been good but the meta is about to change if Sanhok is going to be added. The map needs a lot of changes before it should be in the competitive rotation.