Team Russia wins PUBG Nations Cup

Team Russia has managed to perform a spectacular comeback to win PUBG Nations Cup in Seoul, Korea this weekend. Russian squad with FaZe Clan's star player Ivan "ubah" Kapustin leading them has earned themselves $100 000. This is also a third championship title for him in a row. Previously he has won PUBG Europe League Season 2 and the GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic. The runner-ups of the tournament are Team Korea who, despite not winning a single map throughout the whole tournament, have managed to win themselves silver medals in front of the home crowd. The third place goes to Team Canada with most total wins overall and solid $50 000 earnings behind their backs.

Placement and prize pool distribution

Our sincere congratulations to Team Russia and all the players for this incredible performance far away from home

Team Russia:

  • ADOUZ1E from Natus Vincere
  • ubah from Faze Clan
  • ceh9 from Natus Vincere
  • Kemba7 from CrowCrowd
  • Reciprocity’s Dyrem will serve as head coach for Russia