Registration for the third phase of PEL Open kicks off

The third phase of the PUBG Europe League is about to begin in August, which means that it’s high time to gather a team and start preparing for battles in the most prestigious European league. The registration for PEL Open has already kicked off, and anyone willing can start his way to the big esports.

As in the previous phases, in the third phase, PEL Open will be divided into three regions, with the best teams from each advance directly to PEL Contenders or to PEL Contenders Promo, where they will fight for a slot. The first matches of PEL Open will begin on the 17th of August and will be held every week until the 6th of October. 

You can register a team by the following links:

Discover the list of countries and regions, as well as the official rule-book of PEL Open HERE.

The format of the third phase will be the same for all regions: teams will play two game-days a week, on Saturday and Sunday, with three matches in each of the days. For each region, the games will start at different times, but not earlier than the 17th of August. Teams will spend eight game-weeks, while the weakest teams in the league will be eliminated for several times, defining the final lineup of 16 of the strongest.